Windchests & Actions

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Sleeves Attached
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Slider Prepping
Slider Motor Close Up
Wiring Close Up
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Manual and pedal windchests are custom-crafted to the individual organ builder's requirements. Chests can be furnished as Pitman, Unit or Electro-Mechanical Unit. Mechanical, Electro-Mechanical or Electro-Pneumatic Slider windchests are also available.

All windchests are built from top-grade poplar and voidless basswood plywood. Each is furnished complete with center-spotted rackboards, appropriate primaries and stop actions, per specifications. All pouches and primary pneumatics are covered with top-grade pneumatic leather and are treated for additional protection. All Electro-Pneumatic chests incorporate Reisner chest magnets. We can also provide complete wiring, frame building and pipe racking, as well as built-in schwimmers, to fit builder specification.