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Ventus & Ventola Blowers

The Ventus and Ventola line of blowers are engineered to be truly quiet. Silence is in the details: close tolerance sleeve bearings, dynamically balanced rotors and impellers, intake manifolds with flap valves and meticulous engineering attention paid to avoiding or canceling natural resonance in housings and mounting frames. Though all motors are three phase, those of 1 HP or less allow single phase operation through capacitors. Instructions and high quality synthetic oil are furnished with each unit. All blowers carry the CE Mark, indicating they satisfy world standard electrical safety certification requirements.

Mayland & Deagan Chimes

Craftsmanship and precision tuning of Mayland and Deagan Chimes have helped us to set the standards for unsurpassed bell-like tone quality and purity of tone with a steady fundamental.

The layout of the action mounting bar is flexible and the many attractive or utilitarian arrangements of the individual notes are restricted only by your imagination.

Custom actions can be provided for existing Mayland and Deagan chimes with graduated tube diameters other than the standard 1-1/4” diameter tube. The largest and smallest tube diameters determine the size of the individual note actions and the length of the mounting rail.