New Products

The following are products not listed in our catalog. Call us for pricing or refer to your 2017 price list.


Laukhuff Universal Slider Action Solenoid S.1
Laukhuff's latest slider motor. OSI part number 1710.03. Click here for additional details and instructions.
Laukhuff Intelligent Slider Motor S1

Laukhuff Slider Motor

We sell these with or without the control card and with pin or fork ends. You can also buy the control card by itself.
Motor with control card is part # 1710.00
Motor without control card is part # 1710.01
The control card is part # 1710.02 
IMG 1154

Zinc Plated Stamped Steel Flanges
Designed for use with standard galvanized wind line and can be easily soldered to wind pipe for a leak-proof fit. All flanges are bored for #8 round head wood screws and can be used with our series 4062.00 cork gaskets.

                                                                                      Part #            Size           Part #           Size
                                                                                     4042.03           3"           4042.08          8" 
                                                                                     4042.04           4"           4042.10         10"
                                                                                     4042.05           5"           4042.12         12"
                                                                                     4042.06           6"           4042.15         15"

IMG 1153

Console Mirrors
Our console mirrors have been re-designed and now come in two sizes. The longer has a base dimension of 16-3/16" x 3-15/16". The shorter (pictured) has a base dimension of 11-11/16" x 3-15/16".

                                                                        Part #        Size & Finish                            Part #        Size & Finish
                                                                       0916.05 - Long - golden oak                0917.15 - Short - golden oak
                                                                       0916.06 - Long - med. oak                    0917.16 - Short - med. oak
                                                                       0916.08 - Long - med. walnut             0917.18 - Short - med. walnut

IMG 1157


Reisner Chest Magnet Cap Alternative Sizes
Reisner chest magnet caps have a standard port diameter of 0.234”. You can order standard chest magnets with smaller ports of 0.188” or 0.125”. You can also order the caps for the smaller ports individually.

                                                                                                           Part #         Port Size
                                                                                                          5502.08      0.125”
                                                                                                          5502.07      0.188”

 Large & Small Slide Tuner Kits
Slide tuner kits come in two sizes. Each kit contains stainless steel slides with flared bottom edges for ease of tuning. They also come with a sizing mandrel for scales 100 to 124.

The large tuner kit contains 500 slides in 4 divided cases in their own carrying bag with multiple storage pockets, shoulder strap and padded carrying handle.

The number of slides per scale has the following breakdown:
10 slides per scales 86 to 107
15 slides per scales 108 to 119
20 slides of scale 120 to 124

The small tuner kit contains 250 slides in a compartmentalized plastic case. It comes with 10 slides of each scale for scales 100 to 124.
Slide Tuner Kit