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Organ Supply Industries is the only supplier of American-made laminated wood-based manual keyboards. These superior quality keyboards provide maximum stability and quality “feel.” The basswood laminated key construction provides twist- and warp-free keyboards. The relaxed sharp key spacing offers a more comfortable playing surface. (165.20 mm center to center.) Hardwood frames with adjustable front “bat” pins, fully bushed bearing surfaces, and 16" long key with a rear fulcrum construction round out the standard keyboards. These are real wood keyboards designed for our American climate.

Standard keyboard options include wood, or bone coverings, front compass spring suspension, toggle tracker touch. Available unmounted, without hardware, or fully mounted with cheeks, slips, pistons, and contact rails, ready to install.

Custom keyboards can be machined and drilled to your drawings. Options include note compass, electric or mechanical operation, and center or rear fulcrum, with key coverings to your specifications


Pedalboards, built to AGO specifications, are provided in 30 and 32 note compass and in two frame styles. Standard Style No. 1 frame side rails are perpendicular to floor. Style No. 2 frame side rails are slanted and follow concave radius of keys. Pedalboards are constructed for hard usage and stability, with specially formed and veneered gumwood ply curve front top rail and hammer rail. Key bodies are constructed of straight grained white oak. Keys are guided by a 3/16" rod running through a felt bushed slot in the key front. Easily adjusted flat bent carbon steel tension springs are fastened to solid oak heel rail. Natural key caps are plain sawn select hard maple, finished with durable clear epoxy lacquer. Standard sharps are tough, molded phenolic. Style No. 1, 32 notes stock; Style No. 2 and 30 note compass provided to order.


We help the organ builder create the ideal console for each situation. We offer virtually unlimited freedom of choice in style, finish, key covering, stop control and layout. Our experienced staff will assist in the custom design of the console to suit the customer’s needs and specifications, matching or complementing the architecture, style and finish of the environment in which the console is to be installed.

Designing the right console for your needs

Working together, we can create the ideal console for your particular application. Careful use of our Console Check Sheet ensures that every console specification and feature is addressed. From this information, we produce detailed computer assisted design (CAD) layout drawings and even stain and finish samples as required for the builder’s review and approval.

Generous performance margins, quality construction

Construction begins as soon as the cabinet and layout details are approved. Our rigorous and exacting designs for cabinets, stop controls and keyboards are engineered to provide generous performance margins. Manual keyboards feature our own expanded sharp spacing, and pedal keyboards are constructed to AGO standards. Both are built in our shop. To ensure a lifetime of trouble-free operation, we use only the finest traditional materials, including solid, well-aged and clear cabinet-grade woods and customer selected Organ Control Systems and electronics. In the hands of our worldclass master cabinetmakers, your console cabinet soon begins to take shape. Painstaking attention to fine joinery, matching grains and ingenious artistry yields a console that has unsurpassed strength, performance and beauty, ready for your choice of finish. All components are installed, adjusted and thoroughly tested to guarantee not only functional reliability, but also the delicate and consistent balance and feel for pure quality.