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Our dedicated staff is willing to assist you with their knowledge far beyond our catalog. From project planning and design services to project presentation assistance, OSI is a resource and advocate for all our partners in the organ building industry.


How may we assist you with your project and put our competitively priced resources to work for you?

  • CNC Routing
  • AutoCAD Design
  • Complete Organ Design and Consultation
  • Specialty Chest Design/Replication
  • Custom Design Console and Casework
  • Specialty Pipe Manufacturing
  • Discrete Shipping
  • Project Analysis Services
  • Customer Advocacy Services
  • Restoration and Rebuilding Services

Recently Organ Supply Industries has taken the bold steps to prepare for the future of organ building. Our shop makes use of two CNC Routers that combine the precision of technology with the craftsmanship of fine woodworking. They allow us to keep up with the demands of our customers while providing accuracy, which is unparalleled in the industry. Our work force has also expanded to offer expertise not only in organs of classic design and theater design, but to automated or band organs. All of this technology and expertise is available at anytime. Think of us as an extension of your own shop

Until you find or have a chance to visit us in person, please think of this site as a kind of window into Organ Supply Industries. It will give you a good overview of the kinds of things we can do together by harnessing the creativity and craftsmanship we can bring to your projects. We maintain a large inventory of the key part-numbered items in our catalog, and we pride ourselves in our ability to fill your order accurately, courteously and promptly. If you need a part not offered in our catalog, we will custom-build it to your specifications. This custom-build capability also extends to a variety of options not shown in the catalog. In fact, the best way to think about the photos in our catalog and on this website are as idea-starters. They illustrate a few of the various styles, layouts and appointments that we've developed in the past, but every order can be customized – efficiently and cost-effectively. Working together, we can design and build the ideal organ components for your specific application.

Download a flyer to learn more..

Organ Pipes – Metal, Wood, & Reeds
Windchests – Slider, Pitman, Unit, Custom Design & Additional Services
Custom Console Construction & Design – Consoles, Keyboards, Pedalboards & Benches
Reisner Electro Magnets